As you may or may not have noticed, the blogs soulsrhapsody and staappy have merged into one. Why? Well, considering how we usually update and blog for the sake of the other, we thought that it’d be more convenient to just write under one blogging community – saves us the hassle, as well as the blessed souls who read our blogs.

The new blog will be up and running soon after I import posts from both of our blogs. Our seiyuu fanfic will be posted on KORAA!! (this blog) from now on. So if you’re a reader, check back once in a long while to see if we have anything new for you!

Toriaezu, matte ne!

[edit by OtaAgg]
As stappy’s already stated, we decided to merge our blogs.  Why?  Because we were probably the most loyal fans of each other and the only people bored and patient enough to read and comment on every post =_=.  So… since we write about similar things and think similar things, why not just write together?  Saves us the trouble of cross-referencing.  So now you get the best of two worlds: a dose of Stappy’s good blogging (and her records of random sproutings of our wildest fantasies) and a dose of my random-but-occasionally-half-entertaining blogging.  So, for new readers to either my blog, her blog, or both our blogs, welcome.  For returning readers, welcome back and THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!


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